AC Leaking Refrigerant: Six Reasons Why

ac leaking refrigerant

Having an AC leaking refrigerant is a serious issue.  All central air conditioning units use refrigerant or freon. This coolant is usually a liquid or gas; its main job is to work with the compressor inside your unit to cool off hot air.  To put it simply, refrigerant runs through your air conditioning condenser and […]

Why Does My AC Sound Like Running Water?

why does my ac sound like running water

Homeowners worried about their cooling systems may ask, “Why does my AC sound like running water?” After all, our air conditioners serve plenty of purposes, making them one of the essential HVAC components that homes or businesses can have. Besides keeping us cool during hot, humid weather, they enhance indoor air quality.  An air conditioner […]

Why Does My Furnace Smell Like Burning?

why does my furnace smell like burning

Many homeowners ask, “Why does my furnace smell like burning?” We rely on our furnaces, especially during winter, but we might worry when they greet us with a burning smell.  However, a burning odor from your furnace isn’t always a cause for concern. While the smell can be unpleasant, it may also be completely harmless […]

Five Dangers of DIY AC Repair

diy ac repair

These days, do-it-yourself (DIY) videos are all over the internet. You’ll find various hosts showing viewers how to do home renovations, vehicle repairs, landscaping work, and other work trained professionals usually handle. More and more people are looking for DIY solutions to save money and get fast results. However, some jobs need a professional touch. […]