Do Old AC Units Use More Electricity?

do old ac units use more electricity

Like all machinery and home appliances, AC units malfunction after prolonged use. The average lifetime of most HVAC units falls between 15-20 years, meaning that older units are increasingly likely to partially or completely fail. However, the question “do old AC units use more electricity” is more complicated. The simple answer is that yes, most […]

Can Air Conditioners Give You a Sore Throat?

can air conditioners give you a sore throat

Summers in El Cajon make air conditioners a requirement for many homeowners who want to escape the season’s hot, humid air. However, if you notice that you have a dry, scratchy throat while in your home, you may wonder, “Can air conditioners give you a sore throat?” Learn the answer to that question and more […]

Furnace Not Turning On: Causes and Solutions

furnace not turning on

Many homeowners may not notice furnace problems until the temperature drops. If you turn up the thermostat but notice the furnace not turning on, you can try several solutions before having to call an HVAC technician. Take a look at the most common issues that cause a furnace to not turn on and possible solutions […]

What Is a Good SEER Rating for an Air Conditioner?

what is a good seer rating for an air conditioner

HVAC systems are some of the most crucial features of our homes. Without the temperature control provided by air conditioners and heat pumps, outdoor temperatures would be the dominant factor in determining interior comfort. However, when considering a new system, efficiency is an essential factor. Experts rate HVAC efficiency using a Season Energy Efficiency Ratio, […]

Will a Gas Furnace Work Without Electricity?

will a gas furnace work without electricity

During cold winters, staying warm indoors is the best defense against harsh elements. However, extreme weather events can compromise power lines, causing a power outage that impacts your HVAC system’s ability to provide warmth. In these cases, homeowners wonder, will a gas furnace work without electricity? Unfortunately, an electrical outage also means your gas furnace […]

Eight Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair

signs your air conditioner needs repair

As a homeowner in Lakeside, CA, you understand the importance of a working air conditioning unit. Summer temperatures reach the 80s, making a cool home invaluable. That’s why having a malfunctioning AC system can be especially frustrating. As Lakeside’s air conditioning repair experts, we created a list of signs your air conditioner needs repair. If you […]

Cover AC Unit in the Winter: Is It Necessary?

cover ac unit in winter

Should you cover your AC unit in winter? Many people ask this question, while answers on the topic vary. In El Cajon, CA, you won’t see heavy snow and ice that often. Even though you need to wrap up, winter temperatures stay well above freezing in this area. Still, many residents wonder whether an AC […]

Eight HVAC Problems in the Winter That You Should Prepare For

hvac problems in winter

During the winter season, temperatures in El Cajon, CA, dip well into the 40s each night. Many residents turn their heat up to combat chilly weather. When you have HVAC problems in winter, you struggle to keep your home comfortable at night.  What makes your HVAC system stop providing maximum comfort to your family? El […]

AC Leaking Refrigerant: Six Reasons Why

ac leaking refrigerant

Having an AC leaking refrigerant is a serious issue.  All central air conditioning units use refrigerant or freon. This coolant is usually a liquid or gas; its main job is to work with the compressor inside your unit to cool off hot air.  To put it simply, refrigerant runs through your air conditioning condenser and […]

Why Does My AC Sound Like Running Water?

why does my ac sound like running water

Homeowners worried about their cooling systems may ask, “Why does my AC sound like running water?” After all, our air conditioners serve plenty of purposes, making them one of the essential HVAC components that homes or businesses can have. Besides keeping us cool during hot, humid weather, they enhance indoor air quality.  An air conditioner […]