Will a Gas Furnace Work Without Electricity?

will a gas furnace work without electricity

During cold winters, staying warm indoors is the best defense against harsh elements. However, extreme weather events can compromise power lines, causing a power outage that impacts your HVAC system’s ability to provide warmth. In these cases, homeowners wonder, will a gas furnace work without electricity? Unfortunately, an electrical outage also means your gas furnace […]

Eight HVAC Problems in the Winter That You Should Prepare For

hvac problems in winter

During the winter season, temperatures in El Cajon, CA, dip well into the 40s each night. Many residents turn their heat up to combat chilly weather. When you have HVAC problems in winter, you struggle to keep your home comfortable at night.  What makes your HVAC system stop providing maximum comfort to your family? El […]

Why Does My Furnace Smell Like Burning?

why does my furnace smell like burning

Many homeowners ask, “Why does my furnace smell like burning?” We rely on our furnaces, especially during winter, but we might worry when they greet us with a burning smell.  However, a burning odor from your furnace isn’t always a cause for concern. While the smell can be unpleasant, it may also be completely harmless […]