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Nobody wants their AC breaking down in the California sun, particularly not in the middle of summer. While California has moderate temperatures compared to other states, summer is still too hot to have a malfunctioning air conditioner. Finding someone to do the work quickly is difficult, but our company will bring you back to total comfort in no time.

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At Maximum Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning, we bring over ten years of experience in the HVAC field. Our technicians have extensive experience in AC servicing, replacement, and customer service. We know how to help you beat the California heat.

Our prices are honest and reasonable. We don’t believe in charging our customers more than the job calls for because we take your budget into account. We also won’t sell you services you don’t need.

We are a full-service AC company. We work to guide you to the correct choices for your home, including whether to repair or replace your AC unit and what size unit you need for your home.

In addition, we are always available if your AC unit stops cooling your home. Give us a call if you experience any of the following:

  • Loss of cooling power
  • Odd noises when turning on
  • Concerns about warranties or AC unit lifespans
  • Seized or malfunctioning components
AC Repair
AC Repair

AC Servicing Assessments in Pine Valley, CA

As a full-service AC company, we understand that every air conditioner is different. Yes, they all have similar functions and components, but their installation and issues are always custom to each home. As such, we use a battle-tested method to diagnose air conditioner problems.

When we show up for an air conditioning repair in Pine Valley, CA, we check the following things:

  • Air filters
  • Thermostat
  • Condenser and evaporator coils
  • Drain lines and pipes
  • Condensation pumps
  • Blowers and condenser fans
  • All electrical components and controls
  • Ductwork and registers

If there’s a problem with your AC, we will find it when we check each of these systems. However, there are some things you can do to help us do our job. Below are some easy troubleshooting steps you can take when your AC malfunctions.

Check the Thermostat

First off, make sure that your thermostat screen is operational. When the screen is dark, the batteries are dead, you have tripped breakers, or your thermostat is malfunctioning. Check the circuit breakers, and see if that helps.

If that doesn’t work, see if your thermostat has batteries and change them. If that doesn't work, your thermostat likely needs a replacement.

Check the Outdoor Unit

The best way to help your outdoor unit is by maintaining it regularly throughout the year. Keep it free of debris, and cut back any tree limbs, vines, or plants that would reduce airflow to the unit. Additionally, wash the coils from time to time using a low-pressure hose and a vacuum with a brush attachment.

There are also fin combs available through hardware stores that will help you straighten the fins on your unit if they ever bend. Bent fins lead to airflow problems in the long run, so combing the bends out will lengthen your AC unit's lifespan considerably.

Change Air Filters

Changing your air filter is the easiest thing you can do as a homeowner, but it is often the most neglected form of maintenance. Air filters keep dust, animal hair, and debris from entering the duct that pulls air into the system. If you don't change your AC unit's filter regularly, it will limit the ability of your AC unit to draw in air.

Additionally, make sure you use medium-strength filters to catch debris. Light-duty filters don't capture enough debris, while too many allergen trapping and heavy-duty filters restrict airflow. Filters with a good balance of filtration and airflow are best for your AC unit.

Common Problems with AC Units in Pine Valley, CA

When you have over ten years of experience, it’s easy to narrow down problems with an AC unit just by hearing what it’s doing. When you call us to schedule your air conditioning repair in Pine Valley, CA, let us know what your room air conditioner is doing. We’ll come more prepared and better equipped to deal with the problem with detailed foreknowledge.

That said, there are still some prevalent problems with AC units that we see daily. Here are just a few of the most common ones.

The AC Unit Doesn’t Turn On

When your AC unit doesn't turn on, it's usually because of electrical problems. For example, there could be a blown fuse, corroded wire, or tripped breaker somewhere. It may even be a faulty thermostat or temperature sensor.

There are also less common reasons for an AC not turning on, such as a failed capacitor or a damaged motor. If you have a damaged capacitor, let us change it because changing electrical components can be dangerous. If you have a damaged motor, it's time to decide between repair or replacement.

The AC Unit Doesn’t Turn Off

A constantly-running AC unit will cause significant damage if you don't address it early enough. If it cannot reach a cool temperature, there is either some loose ductwork, low refrigerant, or poor airflow to the unit. Thankfully, these are all relatively easy fixes if you catch them early.

The thermostat might be a problem if your AC unit cools appropriately but doesn't turn off. Checking or replacing the thermostat will likely fix this problem.

The AC Unit Doesn’t Blow Cold Air

If your AC runs well, but the air isn't cool enough, there is likely loose ductwork somewhere. When we fix this, we'll search under the house or in the attic—depending on the location of the ductwork—and reattach any loose sections we find.

If the air is hot, then there is a problem with the outdoor unit. It may be a bad compressor, or low refrigerant, which requires simple repairs. It may also mean that your AC is too small for your house and can no longer operate correctly.

The AC Unit Cools Rooms Unevenly

Uneven cooling is usually an airflow problem. There are likely some loose ducts that need reattaching or ducts with holes or tears from rodents in the crawlspaces. Another possibility is a blocked vent.

Blocked vents are easy to fix because there is most likely some furniture somewhere preventing the cool air from flowing into the house. It may also mean that there are blocked or damaged registers. Check under and behind the furniture throughout your home for vents you may have accidentally covered.

There Is a Clogged Drain Pan

Your AC unit removes moisture from your home while it cools. All that moisture collects in the drain pan that sits under the evaporator coils, then drains outside through the drain line. In places with high humidity, these lines clog often.

FAQ's Regarding Air Conditioning Repair

We get many questions about air conditioning repair in Pine Valley, CA. Here are some FAQ’s regarding air conditioning repair:

We provide our AC repair services to the Greater San Diego area and most small communities around it. See the bottom of our web pages for a comprehensive list. If you’re in one of those cities and looking for “AC repair near me,” our service page will pull right up!

Yes! Give us a call at (619) 403-9413 to let us know about your problem. We’ll dispatch an experienced and equipped technician to you as soon as possible to provide emergency AC repair or replacement.

Generally, you should change out your air filters once every three months. If you buy certain filters, they may require that you change them more often. In addition, if you have pets, children, or have lots of dirt in or around your home, you should change them more often to protect your home’s indoor air quality.

You should service your air conditioner at least twice a year. Fall and spring servicing will help keep your AC unit clean and prolong its lifespan while reducing the risk of unexpected breakdowns. Keeping the unit clean will also help us find any problems before the extreme temperatures of summer and winter.

The best way to lower your bill is to set the temperature in your home higher in the summer and lower in the winter. Keeping the temperature moderate will prevent your AC from struggling to cool your home, saving you money on your monthly power bill.

While we offer air conditioning repair in El Cajon, CA, and the Greater San Diego area, we also specialize in installing new systems. We can help you decide what system is best for your home and budget.

A heat pump removes heat from inside the home and transfers it outside. Heat pumps are more efficient than central air systems, especially in more moderate climates like California’s. However, while a central AC unit is less efficient, it is more effective in larger homes and more extreme environments.

Our technicians can help you determine which heating and cooling system is best for your home by performing a comprehensive inspection and discussing your indoor air control needs with you. Once we know what system works best for your house and budget, we can help you narrow down your options and find the perfect unit.

Several things make your AC unit use more electricity and increase your monthly power bill. One straightforward explanation is that this month is hotter than usual, making your AC work harder.

Several different components work together in your air conditioner to cool your home. If any of these components malfunction, your AC must work harder to cool your home, raising your power bill. When we look at your AC, we will find which part is wearing out and replace it as quickly as possible.

There are multiple reasons why your air conditioner is using more energy than normal:

  • It’s too small for your house
  • It’s old
  • It has one or more malfunctioning components

Our technicians can inspect your unit, locate the cause of the problem, and restore your unit’s energy efficiency.

If your AC unit leaks inside your home, it could be condensation or a clogged drain line. Other common problems that cause leaking ACs include frozen condenser coils, low refrigerant, and damaged drain pans.

You should consider replacing your AC unit if it is between ten and 15 years old. Older systems are significantly less efficient, leading to higher repair costs and energy bills. Replacing an old or constantly malfunctioning unit can save you money in the long run while keeping your home more comfortable.

Our technicians will only suggest that you replace your AC unit if we deem it the most cost-efficient or safe solution. After a thorough inspection of your system, we’ll help you compare repair costs to new system installation expenses and help you determine the best course of action.

AC Repair Near Me

At Maximum Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning, we strive to give you the maximum comfort level in your home. We believe your budget and time are extremely important, so we always keep those in mind when working for you. We’d love for you to join our growing list of happy, satisfied customers in Pine Valley, CA.

For fast, reliable, and experienced air conditioning repair in Pine Valley, CA, call Maximum Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning at 619-403-2823.