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Heating and air conditioning systems rely on air ducts to deliver comfortable air to every room. If you’ve noticed a drop in interior air quality, you may pin the problem on your HVAC system. When your HVAC unit works fine but still has climate control issues, you may need ductwork repair in El Cajon, CA.

Some homeowners believe they can fix their duct problems, but DIY repairs tend to be short-term solutions at best. Your ductwork could fail for many reasons, and only a top-notch HVAC contractor in El Cajon, CA, can help you troubleshoot and repair duct problems. Maximum Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning provides professional ductwork repair to homeowners in El Cajon.

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What’s Wrong With My Ductwork?

Duct problems produce different symptoms depending on the issue. In some cases, you may not realize there’s a problem until your ductwork completely fails. Some issues you may notice with your ductwork include:

Fluctuating Temperatures

An unbalanced airflow or temperatures that fluctuate from room to room may point to a ductwork problem.

Strange Noises

Whistling or shuffling noises from your vent may indicate a duct leakage resulting from holes, cracks, or other damage.

Low Air Quality

You may notice higher humidity, foul smells, dust, dirt, and other debris when you experience ductwork problems.

Pest Invasion

If you have pests like mice, rats, or bugs in your home, you may have tears or large holes in your ductwork.

How Does Professional Ductwork Repair Work?

When you contact Maximum Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning for ductwork problems, our expert HVAC technicians first inspect your current ducts and assess their condition. After diagnosing the exact issue, they’ll discuss your options and guide you in choosing the best repair. If ductwork repair in El Cajon, CA, will cost more than a new duct installation, you can choose from these two popular ductwork types:


Flexible ductwork consists of a wire coil surrounded by insulation and bendable plastic. Some ductwork systems use flexible ducts for air distribution in hard-to-navigate areas like crawl spaces. Because these ducts cost the least of the three options, their exteriors wear out faster and are more susceptible to burrowing animals.


Rigid ductwork deters animals and critters while lasting longer than flexible ductwork. In homes with complicated crawl spaces or multiple levels, rigid ductwork combined with flexible ducts best distributes your air. The three types of rigid ductwork include:

  • Sheet metal consisting of aluminum and galvanized steel
  • Fiberglass-lined ducts with a sheet metal exterior for ultimate protection
  • Fiberboard ducts, which are tubes made of fiberglass combined with resin

Ductwork Services From Maximum Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning

Keeping your home comfortable requires a dependable HVAC system with well-maintained ductwork. Call (619) 403-2823 for expert ductwork repair in El Cajon, CA. Our professionals can also perform duct cleaning and let you know how we can help with thermostat repair and installation.