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As more severe viral infections become prominent, El Cajon citizens seek new ways to protect themselves. A clean and effective air filtration system can help. Now, with new technology, we can increase its air purification properties.

At Maximum Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer UV light and air purification installation in El Cajon, CA. As a top provider for AC installation in El Cajon, we constantly update our knowledge for more efficient systems. Learn more about how UVC light can improve your indoor air quality below.

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What Is UV-C Light?

Ultraviolet light can help identify stains and process photographs, among other things, but the C stands for a specific UV light wavelength. “C” encompasses the wavelength between 200 and 300 nanometers, which damages the DNA or RNA of microorganisms and pathogens. UV-C is that specific wavelength, plus the light bulbs technicians manufactured to give off that UV range.

You may also hear it referred to as UVGI technology, which stands for ultraviolet germicidal irradiation. UV-C and UVGI are interchangeable since they refer to the same technology.

Some hospitals use UV-C radiation to scrub rooms, preventing pathogen reproduction. As the technology has become more common, technicians can install residential builds of these lights in your air system.

Why Put UV-C Lighting in Your HVAC System?

Getting a UV light and air purification installation in El Cajon, CA, can improve indoor air quality by reducing pathogens. UV-C light reduces the ability of viruses, germs, and bacteria to enter your air system.

Technicians install the UVGI lamp inside your vents to constantly treat circulating air. It reduces pathogens within incoming ventilated air or air that’s breathed into a room. This process fosters a much healthier breathing environment, reducing the chances of sickness and allergic reactions.

Does UV-C Only Work on Air?

UV-C lighting does not exclusively work on air. You can get handheld devices that can eliminate pathogens on surfaces. However, even when you get a UV light and air purification installation, you still must continue cleaning your indoor surfaces.

The UV-C lamp works as an air treatment facilitator, damaging airborne microorganisms and promoting their demise. However, this process does not affect pathogens already stuck on surfaces. It improves the air quality but does not eliminate every pathogen everywhere within a building.

As such, remember to wash your hands and clean commonly used surfaces to avoid spreading viruses. We also advise social distancing in public areas, especially ones with poor ventilation. Remember to follow guidance from local health organizations. 

Make Your Air Safer ASAP

At Maximum Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning, we provide top-quality air conditioner maintenance services in El Cajon, CA. Our technicians take pride in their expertise and quality customer service. With over ten years of experience and constant updates to our knowledge, we work to protect California citizens.

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