As a homeowner in Lakeside, CA, you understand the importance of a working air conditioning unit. Summer temperatures reach the 80s, making a cool home invaluable. That’s why having a malfunctioning AC system can be especially frustrating.

As Lakeside’s air conditioning repair experts, we created a list of signs your air conditioner needs repair. If you notice any of the following signs, don’t ignore them. Call us to schedule a repair service at (619) 403-2823 today. 

1. Increased Energy Bills

When nothing else seems amiss, expensive energy bills often indicate a problem. While your bill depends on your AC use, it should never spike suddenly.

Unexpected cost increases imply that your AC unit works too hard. If your air conditioner works overtime to achieve your desired temperature, check your air filter and your thermostat settings. 

Dirty air filters cause AC units to struggle to pull air in. Low thermostat settings cause constant cycling to maintain the temperature. Otherwise, certain parts may require repair or replacement to increase efficiency.

2. Warm Air Flows From Vents

When your air vents push warm air out, your unit has a problem. You’ll notice this warning sign if your AC system never meets your thermostat settings. You may feel warm air blowing from vents. Some rooms could even feel warmer than others. 

When warm air flows from your vents, your compressor or a refrigerant leak could be the culprits. These issues require careful assessment by a professional.

Schedule an appointment for a technician to assess the problem. DIY fixes could do more harm than good in such situations. 

3. Noisy Unit

Other signs your air conditioner needs repair include mechanical noises such as banging, whirring, loud humming, or screeching. Even strange clicking or loud humming indicates a struggling unit. Especially when you don’t recognize the noises, you need to schedule service for your air conditioner. 

If your unit starts rattling upon a regular cycle, it often means loose parts that need tightening. Grinding sounds usually mean a serious mechanical problem. Clicking noises indicate a faulty thermostat or obstacles preventing the fans from functioning properly. 

You should make a note of any strange noises and when they occur. Try to pinpoint where they originate. When you call an AC expert to assess the problem, this information helps them make a quick diagnosis and repair. 

4. Leaky Unit

Leaks occur because of cracked ductwork or faulty condensate drains. Cracked ductwork usually shows up indoors. This type of leak will damage your home if left unchecked. It also causes mold growth.  

Condensate drains allow condensation to drain outdoors. You can locate your condensate drain near your unit outside. Sometimes, debris collects inside condensate drains, causing them to leak with overflow. In this case, you can typically handle the clog without help. 

However, wear and tear damages drains. When this happens, they need a repair or replacement. Our air conditioning experts will easily fix the problem. 

5. Humid Environment Indoors

If you notice the air inside your home feels unusually thick or moist, you should have your AC unit checked out by a professional. High humidity indoors makes the atmosphere uncomfortable. It also indicates a larger issue beyond general discomfort. 

Leaks often cause humid indoor environments. While you’ll often see more obvious signs of a leak, humidity provides one of the more subtle warning signs. Sometimes, your system simply needs a recalibration or a tune-up. In either case, this situation requires a highly trained technician. 

6. Short-Cycling

When your air conditioning system short-cycles, it starts and stops suddenly. The cycles don’t last for long. Your air conditioner rarely reaches your desired temperature. Other symptoms, such as humidity or strange noises, may accompany this problem. 

No matter how high the outside temperature reaches, your AC unit should have productive cycles that last for five to ten minutes. When you notice the cycles getting shorter and more frequent, contact a qualified HVAC contractor to determine the source of the problem.

Like with other issues, a tune-up may provide a sufficient solution. However, it often means you need a new AC unit installed. 

7. Unpleasant Smells

Your air conditioner should never have an offensive smell when it cycles. When your unit smells bad, don’t ignore it. The smell will get stronger over time. The problem at the root of the odor will get worse with continued use. 

You might detect smells akin to burning spoiled eggs, gunpowder, or chemicals. No matter what smell your unit emits, most of them signify danger. The danger ranges from stagnant, bacteria-infested water to toxic vapors. Nasty smells may even warn you of fire hazards.

Make a note of any new, unpleasant smells before reporting them to your air conditioner repair service. Most of the time, prompt action means the difference between a disaster and keeping your home safe. 

8. Frozen Coils

When coils freeze over, you usually have a refrigerant leak or an old air filter on your hands. Check your input duct for your air filter. If the filter looks dingy and caked with dust, replace it with a fresh air filter. Dirty air filters force your unit to work harder when drawing air in. 

Refrigerant leaks may pose a hazard to your family. Refrigerants regulate indoor temperature by trapping and releasing heat. Long-term exposure to refrigerants creates a toxic environment in your home, as it negatively impacts health. Contact us as soon as possible if you suspect you have a refrigerant leak. 

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